About Us

Style has no price tag. Never pay retail!

 Dragonfly Jewelers offers fashion jewelry and fine jewelry at below market prices. All of our jewelry is selected based on visual appeal and materials rather than price point. We believe in selling at a fair price and shop worldwide. The jewelry we offer is limited in quantity and we typically buy daily.  

Originally, we started with the premise that we would offer jewelry that was like the brand name catalogs at a lower price. Very quickly we found we could offer higher value at a lower cost. Our aim is that the jewelry you buy from us will be your go-to jewelry that never sits in a drawer.

The code we live by is that we believe style has no price tag: Those who have it make the low look high and the high look cool. We believe a well dressed woman with nothing to say is just a mannequin with DNA. We believe it’s not your personal style if it belongs to your stylist. We believe in fashion and all its glorious paradoxes: smart and superficial; exclusive and inclusive; fun and serious; art and commerce.

We believe clothing without accessories is like a party with no cake. We believe in beauty, as both a science and an art. We believe age-appropriate fashion isn’t appropriate at any age. We believe cool is elusive and yet never to be chased. We believe getting dressed should be an adventure, not a chore. We believe in the old guard, the new guard, and the avant-garde.

We are located in the artisian community of Floyd, Va. Floyd is known for Floydfest, a festival that draws from all over the world. 


2451 Parkway Lane South

Floyd, VA 24091

Contact us directly: office@musselmangroup.com with your thoughts!

Enjoy walking through our door!