What is Rhodium Plating?

Rhodium is a member or the platinum family. This silvery-white precious metal is often used to plate jewelry because of its highly-reflective finish, hardness, anti-tarnish quality and resistance to corrosion. Those allergic to metals like its hypoallergenic qualities that prevent yellow and white gold from leaving a greenish tinge on the skin. New white gold and platinum jewelry is often rhodium-plated to provide a brighter finish.
The life of Rhodium plating depends upon the thickness and the quality of the plating, individual body chemistry, the amount of wear the jewelry receives, and the type of metal being plated. To sum it up, Rhodium plating may wear off in time, or it may last a lifetime... Replating may be done if the finish begins to wear off.
Rhodium-plated jewelry may be cleaned with a silver-polishing cloth. Liquid jewelry dips will cause the plating to wear off. Resting your hands on the steering wheel and rubbing rings against other surfaces, along with wearing your fine rings to do household chores will greatly shorten the life of the Rhodium plating. Mild detergent mixed with a little water, rinsing and drying throughly may also be used to care for your fine rings. However, a silver-polishing cloth is highly recommended.